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Psychosexual Counselling Service

Sexual difficulties are common and can affect any one of us at any time. We provide specialised psychosexual therapy sessions to help with your difficulty using an appointment-based system. You may be offered a virtual or a face-to-face appointment. Your GP will be informed of the referral.

Therapy can be using a cognitive behavioural approach (CBT), with COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) therapists which is also suitable for couples, or Psychodynamic psychotherapy on a one-to-one basis with doctors or specialist nurses trained by the IPM (Institute of Psychosexual Medicine).

Both types of therapy are brief interventions and not suited to long term ongoing psychological support.

Common difficulties that we can address include the following,

  • Loss of libido (sex-drive)
  • Painful sex
  • Difficulty with penetration, vaginismus
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Early, delayed or absent ejaculation
  • Orgasmic difficulties

We do not treat sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behaviours if this is the primary problem.

We do not prescribe medication but are able to recommend this to your GP if appropriate.

There are some conditions which are best managed with longer term psychological input and would require GP referral to the relevant service.

In order to be referred please make a routine appointment with a clinician within the sexual health clinic setting. If considered appropriate, then a referral will be made by that clinician into the Psychosexual team for triage.

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