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13/10/2021 We are experiencing delays to our home kit service. This means kits may take longer to reach you and some results may be delayed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

Please note that in line with current guidance, we are offering limited services. Due to COVID-19 our clinics can no longer be 'walked into'. We have temporarily moved to telephone appointments. Please do not come to clinic unless told to do so. You will be advised by telephone before being booked in to attend in person. It is important that if you have been asked to attend one of our clinics, you wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth. Once you arrive in clinic, reception staff will offer you a surgical mask to wear. Wherever possible please attend clinic alone. If there are any specific reasons you need to attend with someone else, this must be discussed during your telephone consultation.

HIV services

Finding out you have HIV can be a life changing experience. If you have been recently diagnosed it may be a difficult time. However it is worth knowing that with effective treatments, the majority of people diagnosed with HIV in the UK now have a very good prognosis and normal life expectancy. 

Who we are:

We are a dedicated team of HIV Doctors and Specialist Nurses that work together to provide excellent outpatient health care and psychological support for people living with HIV in and around Manchester. We also work with specialist pharmacists and psychologists.

We are part of Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and also provide support to inpatient services at the Oxford Road Campus (ORC) and Wythenshawe sites.

There are five HIV clinics within the umbrella of “The Northern Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV Service” which are at the following locations
  • Choices Centre, Stockport
  • The Hathersage Centre
  • North Manchester Sexual Health Clinic (GUM) at North Manchester General Hospital
  • The Orange rooms, Ashton
  • Withington Clinic

If you are newly diagnosed with HIV or wish to transfer your care to one of our services from another location, you can do this by contacting the clinic of your choice. Please see the home page of this website for clinic details. At present it is not possible to be seen at more than one site for your HIV care.

We offer a variety of different appointments depending on your requirements, including joint specialist clinics with other medical specialists where necessary.

Treatment of HIV:

Modern HIV treatments are really effective at keeping you well. It is important you take them every day to control the virus (having an undetectable viral load).

People on treatment with an undetectable virus load for 6 months or more, cannot pass their virus to others. This is referred to as U=U

If you realise you are running out of medication and do not have enough until your next appointment, please contact your clinic as soon as possible and allow plenty of time for a prescription to be prepared. Not all clinics are near to a hospital pharmacy so may need to order medication or ask you to travel to another clinic.

What to do if you are unwell:

If you have been newly diagnosed with HIV or have recently started/changed medication then please contact the clinic where you receive your care. For general health concerns please contact your GP/local walk in centre or dial 111.
If you think you need urgent medical help then please attend your nearest A&E or call 999

Sexual Health and Contraception

We routinely offer asymptomatic sexual health screens when you attend for bloods or clinical review.
If you have symptoms or think you may have an infection then please see the home page to book an appointment online.
There are contraceptive appointments available within the Northern service; please see home page to book online or contact your local clinic for advice.
We also offer annual cervical cytology (smear tests) to all eligible women and Trans* men who access our HIV service.

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