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We are excited to start pre-exposure vaccination for monkeypox. Currently there are very few doses available so those highest risk will be invited first. As more doses become available in the coming weeks, vaccination will open out to a larger at risk group. Please be patient there is no need to contact us, we will update in due course. Thank you.


What will happen when I attend?

When you arrive at the clinic of your choice,  please present at reception. A member of our reception team will confirm your personal information and update any details. All your details will be kept confidential and we will not write to you at your address, or call you without your permission. You may be asked to complete a form about why you are attending, so that we can make sure you see the correct member of staff.

When you see the nurse or doctor, they will ask you questions about why you are attending, and your sexual and medical history. If you would like contraception, they will talk you through your options and give you information on each of the different methods, helping you decide what is best for you. If you would like an STI screen, they will offer you tests dependent on the answers you have given to their questions, it is up to you which tests you have. 

If you have symptoms, the nurse or doctor will examine you, and may take samples from you to examine straight away. You will be asked to wait in reception for a short time until your results are available, normally within 15 to 20 minutes, and if an infection is detected you will be offered treatment for it immediately. 

How long will it take for my tests to come back?

We will inform you of your test results within fourteen days. If your tests are negative, we will text you your results. If a test is positive, we will normally call you to discuss the result(s), and arrange treatment(s). We wouldn’t tell anyone else about your test results; however if your test is positive we need to make sure your partners are treated. You can let them know, or we can contact them anonymously on your behalf.

Will I have to be examined? 

If you attend for a test and have symptoms, the nurse or doctor may want to examine you. There is no need to be embarrassed, and the nurse or doctor will explain what they are doing throughout the process. If you would prefer a male or female clinician, please request this at reception, however it may not always be possible.

I want to come to clinic for contraception; do I have to have an STI test?

We will offer every person who attends our clinic an STI test as standard. The nurse or doctor will explain which tests they think are suitable for you, and it is up to you if you want to accept.

I have had unprotected sex, what should I do?

If you are concerned about pregnancy, you can attend most of our clinics (please check services provided at individual clinics (link) for emergency contraception, you don’t need an appointment. We offer emergency hormonal contraception (the morning after pill) up to 72 hours after unprotected sex (in some circumstances this can be 120 hours ). We also offer the emergency IUD, which can be fitted up to 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex,  please contact the clinic for availability. Emergency contraception is also available for free from a number of pharmacies, call 111 for more information.

STIs can be passed from one person to another through unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex. If you have symptoms, please attend the clinic as soon as you can. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can take up to two weeks to show on a test; however you are welcome to attend before this time if you are concerned. 

HIV and syphilis can take up to 3 months to show up on a blood test, however our tests will pick up the majority of HIV infections after 4 weeks. Hepatitis B and C can take up to 6 months to show on tests, but can sometimes be picked up earlier. The nurse or doctor will explain the tests and window periods when you attend. 

I think I have had sex with someone who is HIV positive, what can I do? 

If you have come into contact with HIV, you can take medication called PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis). If you think you might need this, walk-in to one of our clinics – please check services provided here  to ensure PEP is offered. If it is outside of our normal opening times, you can access the medication from accident and emergency. For more information please visit 

I have only had oral sex, am I at risk of an STI?

Yes, it is possible to catch an STI through oral sex, although the risk is lower. If you attend a clinic we can discuss the types of sex you have had, and carry out the relevant tests.

What is a symptom?

Symptoms include anything that you feel is unusual for you. This could be unusual discharge, abnormal pain or bleeding, any lumps, bumps, blisters or rashes. Anything that you would like examining or looking at counts as a symptom. If you have any symptoms, you should attend one of the following clinics: 

  • The Hathersage
  • North Manchester Clinic
  • Withington Clinic
  • Urmston Clinic

Do I have to pay?

No. All of our services are free, including all treatments, contraception and condoms.

I am on my period; can I still come for a test?

Yes, if you are attending for an STI test, we are able to do the tests if you are on your period. 

I want to have an IUD/IUS (coil) or implant fitted/removed, can I just walk in?

Before we can insert or remove an IUD/IUS or Implant, we need to carry out a short consultation with you first. This is so that the clinician can assess your medical history, make sure you are aware of how it works and possible side effects, and make you aware of the process. The clinician will then book you an appointment for the procedure on a different day.  We are able to carry out the initial consultations either face to face or over the phone. If you require an emergency IUD we will see you as soon as possible, please call your nearest clinic for more details. 

I am under 16, can I still come?

We want to make sure you are being safe and looking after yourself, so even if you are under 16, you can still attend any of our services. The law says that you should be 16 or over to have sex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come to our clinics confidentially. We won’t tell anyone what you have told us, unless we are worried that you or someone else is at risk of being harmed. 

I want to go on the pill, will you tell my parents/carers?

No. Your visit to us is confidential. We will encourage you to speak to your parents, but we won’t tell them about your visit unless you want us to, or if we are concerned about your wellbeing.

I think I’m pregnant, what can I do?

If you think you may be pregnant you can attend one of our clinics and discuss it with a staff member, who may suggest you take a pregnancy test.  If the test is negative, we will talk to you about contraception to make sure you’re covered in the future. If it is positive, we will discuss your options to find out what’s best for you. You don’t have to make any decisions right away. Whatever you decide to do. 

I want some condoms, are they free?

Yes , anyone can get condoms free from any of our clinics. Please ask the clinician or receptionist. Please note, you will need to register with us to access this service, and may need a consultation first. 


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