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CLINIC CLOSURE TODAY Harpurhey Clinic (for Under 25s) will be closed this evening, 21st February 2019, 3.30pm- 6.30pm. Please see Our Clinics page for your nearest alternative clinic. We apologise for any inconvenience. From Monday 3rd December 2018, Cheetham Hill will be BOOKED APPOINTMENTS ONLY on Thursday afternoons and evenings. Please refer to the Our Clinics page for opening times or call 0161 202 8795 for advice/ bookings for Thursday sessions. All other sessions remain walk in.

Worried about STIs (symptoms)

A lot of people with STI's will have no symptoms at all. We recommend having STI screening when you change your sexual partner.

In men, the common reported symptoms of STI are:

Discharge coming out from the tip of penis

Lumps in the pubic area, genital area or around the anus

Pain on passing urine

Pain or swelling in the testicles

Sores, ulcers, or blisters on the genital area, or around the anus

Tingling, stinging, irritation, discomfort, or soreness on the tip of the penis

In women, the most commonly reported symptoms of STI are:

Unusual vaginal discharge

Bleeding after sex or in between periods

Itching or soreness

Lower abdominal pain

Lumps in the pubic area, genital area or around the anus

Pain during sex

Pain on passing urine

Sores, ulcers, or blisters in the genital area, or around the anus

If you're worried about sexually transmitted infections, it’s best to get tested.

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