NHS PrEP trial

All Northern Sexual Health sites have now gone live for recruitment into the Impact PrEP trial. Please note there are limited places available for the service and dedicated waiting lists already in place across the sites. To be added to the waiting list or to find out if there are likely to still be places available please contact the following numbers. Hathersage : 0161 701 1504 Stockport : 0161 204 5884 Tameside : 0161 342 7101 Trafford : 0161 241 7582 Withington : 0161 217 3318 Please note due to longstanding overwhelming demand, places can not be guaranteed onto this trial. Please bear with staff as they try to get recruitment for the trial off the ground.

Safer sex

The best way to avoid most STIs is to use a condom when you have sex.

There are some other things you can do to reduce the chances of catching an STI. These include:

    • Limiting the number of people you have sex with
    • Getting tested, along with your partner, before having sex
    • Avoiding sex when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People who are drunk or using drugs often fail to have safe sex
    • When appropriate, getting vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B (HBV)

    Condoms/Oral dams

    The best quality condoms carry both the CE Mark (European Standard) and the British Kite Mark. All condoms have an expiry date so this should still be valid and you should check that the packet doesn’t have any rips or tears.

    You should always use a water based lubricant with latex condoms as anything with oil in it could damage or create a hole in the condom.

    An oral sex dam (often just referred to as dams) which is a very thin, soft plastic (typically latex or polyurethane) square and comes in different colours and flavours. You can use it to cover anus or female genitals during oral s

    Digital Penetration (fingering)

    Sexually transmitted infections can also be passed on through inserting fingers and hands into your partner as well as by touching yourself and then your partner. Any cuts on your hands can also be a passage for the transmission of infections including HIV during manual stimulation of your partner. Using latex gloves as a barrier can prevent this.

    Remember to change the gloves for new ones between touching your partner and touching yourself so that you don’t spread any infections that might be present.

    Never re-use the gloves - use a new pair of gloves each time you have sex.

    Sex toys

    If you are using sex toys, you can prevent the transmission of STIs by covering it with a new condom each time you have sex (especially between different partners) and using a water based lubricant.It is important to clean your sex toys after each use.


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