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PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis involves HIV negative people taking HIV medication called Truvada as a method of helping to prevent HIV infection. 

Recent research has shown that if taken correctly, Truvada is highly effective at preventing HIV infection.

It does not protect against any other STI, only HIV. You need to take other precautions in addition to PrEP to protect yourself from all other STIs. We recommend regular STI testing if you are on PrEP. You should have an HIV test every 3 month.

How to take PrEP

There are 2 ways of taking PrEP (based on 2 European studies):

PROUD study1

  • One tablet every 24 hours.

IPERGAY trial2

  • Event-based dosing for a single sex act comprises two tablets 2–24 hours before sex, one tablet 24 hours (22–26 hours) after the first dose, and another tablet 48 hours (46–50 hours) after the first dose.
  • This regimen is not recommended for vaginal sex.

Unfortunately, the cost of PrEP medicines is not currently covered by the NHS. However we can provide free advice and monitoring in any of our routine sexual health appointments.

NHS PrEP trial

NHS England announce plans to fund PrEP for at least 10,000 people through a new trial. 

For more information call the NHS England press office on 0113 825 0958.


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